Day 21: Return to San Diego

This morning I spoke with Tom Tomp of the graduate department of Biological Sciences at UCSD. I explained my situation and discussed my proposal with him. I actually surprised myself even, as I spoke animatedly about the field of Tissue Engineering. I proposed that I could build from the research I conducted at RPI and write up a review of current work in the field and liaise these studies with work being done at UCSD.

If I must write up a thesis or research proposal to be eligible for a Masters Degree in Biological Sciences from UCSD, my work should contribute to the field, and be a stepping stone to my next endeavor. As I spoke to Tom, my passions, skills, and background all fused into one common goal and direction, to facilitate collaborations within the field of Tissue Engineering. My desire to be involved in science is not at the fine focused PhD research level, but at the broader level, I explained, of communications or public relations. Tom replied that communications is becoming a more common field for scientists and mentioned a Science Writing program at UC Santa Cruz. I will certainly look into this program! If science communications is an up and coming field, then maybe it is the field I will pursue!

Garnet Ave in Pacific Beach

This afternoon I parked in the neighborhood near La Jolla Shores, already slightly sunburned from the reflected rays of overcast skies, and got ready for my bike ride down to Pacific Beach. It felt hot and humid all day, and the soft breeze felt nice as I rode. I stopped at a few clothing shops, tried on heaps of shoes, and before I knew it the day was mostly over! Much to my chagrin, another half a day lost to shopping! However, I must note here that shopping in Pacific Beach during the fall months should not be taken for granted, and you can buy many unique and crazy clothing items for next to nothing!

Tuesday Farmers' Market in Pacific Beach

Around 5pm, just after checking out the PB Tuesday Farmers’ Market, I continued my ride South, as I had intended to do several hours before. I felt hot and disgusting – sweaty, caked in sunscreen, dehydrated and bloated all at the same time; my body was tired, yet yearning to get back into shape as I had been in Park City. I rode my frustrations away all the way to Old Town, which is something I will never do again! If there is a safe way to bike from Mission Beach to Old Town directly I would really like to know about it because I felt like I kept having to walk my bike across freeway entrances and exits, and adjust where I was in the road because left turn lanes were also going straight lanes and I had no clue where I was supposed to be!

I made it to Old Town just after 6pm and was disappointed to find the Tea House closed. Despite wanting to eat light, I indulged in Old Town Happy Hour and ordered one of the ‘finest margaritas in San Diego’ for $5, made with Herradura Tequila. What really sold me on the restaurant was the selection of about 20-30 hot sauces on the wall that I could try out on my chips and tacos! After much experimentation (I didn’t try them all) I found I liked Hula Girl (made in Hawaii) habanero chipotle, Scotty B’s (Capistrano Beach, California) smoky chipotle, and Hot Hippo Peri Peri hot sauce the best, and also enjoyed yummy lemon, mango and pineapple salsas, that were spicy and flavorful without being too sweet!

Selection of Hot Sauces to Accompany my Veggie Taco!

After two more margaritas than I should have had, and two very tasty tacos made with home made flour tortillas and fajita veggies (only $2 each, M-F during happy hour, 4-7pm) I got on the 7:47pm route 30 bus back up to La Jolla Shores.

Barra Barra Mexican Restaurant in Old Town

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