Welcome (2011)

My 2011 World Tour is a journey exploring cities, cultures and career possibilities. My 29 years of life have brought me to amazing places and I have met great people and developed many skills and acquired an eclectic knowledge base. As a Jack of All Trades, I am on a quest to hone a mastery of the skills I have developed to find my next niche in the career world and am traveling to find the best group of people to work with!

I find that my interests always bring me back to the same tasks: travel & exploration, the dissemination of knowledge amidst my adventures, and problem-solving and logistics. As I mature and learn more about myself, the world, and different industries, I find that I could be well-suited for journalism, marketing, public relations, communications, sales, or research and development in various industries including corporate biotechnology, academic sciences, sports and recreation, and hospitality.

In my pursuit of journalism careers I am writing this blog to serve as a writing sample. Right now the format and presentation of this blog are in the stages of development as I learn the software, re-learn HTML, and develop different online writing and presentation styles. Thank goodness I am not pursuing graphic design! I am open to any comments or criticisms, or offers to help with the layout.

Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope to see you (whether I have met you or not) on my travels. Please message me with any questions or comments. Ciao!

Anna Batorsky

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