Look Great, Feel Great, Race Great

Some experienced coaches and athletes may say that if you have a lot of energy left when you finish a race, you could have gone faster and gotten a better time. True perhaps, but my personal strategy is to finish strong and smile for the camera. Crazy, perhaps, but I’m a performer; I feed off of the energy of those around me and deliver it right back to them. Amidst the confusion of trying to keep on course I went pretty hard during the swim, and the thrill of passing and being passed on the ride kept me smiling, but in general I have very little motivation to run fast, other than to get it over with sooner. I pretty much all-out sprinted on the last stretch as soon as I saw the finish line. I still need to find out my time – and can’t wait to see the photos – my hair was perfect.

6:40am Sunday August 26th, Preparing for the race!

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Day 9: Birthday!

I made my attempt today at contacting biotech companies about careers in the best way I know how, by entering through the front door, stating my purpose, and speaking with someone representing the company who may be able to assist me. As I fully expected, they intended only to direct me to their careers website and not give me any further assistance. Life Technologies was definitely the most helpful and the woman at the front desk gave me the name of someone in HR, though I don’t actually have any way of contacting them other than calling the main line. Well, at least it’s a start, and they did take my resume in person. Continue reading