Great Expectations

Today I felt refreshed.

I began my day with a drive up Torrey Pines Rd to the coast along Highway 1 and stopped at a Starbucks/Brueggers Bagels hybrid on the corner of a quaint little street in Del Mar. I built up a little karma by tipping a dollar to the young man at the register who gave me a large to go cup filled with hot water at no charge. I decided to attend the yoga class at 24 Hour Fitness in Solana Beach and planned my morning around it. Continue reading

Day 15: More of… the same?

Today I rode my bike down to the Buena Creek station and took the Sprinter, the train that runs between Escondido and Oceanside. It took just over 10 minutes to bike down from the house, and just over 30 minutes to reach the coast. A one way trip on the Sprinter is $2, and is included in the $5 all-day pass. The Sprinter is much smaller than the Coaster, with only a single level and fewer cars, but also has places to put bikes. Continue reading

Day 12: Coastal Ride

A beautiful coastal ride

This morning I began my ride just off of Vista Way, the end of highway 78, in Oceanside. I followed highway 101 down the coast in the company of many other road cyclists, and a fair number of joggers and pedestrians along the beach areas. Continue reading

Day 9: Birthday!

I made my attempt today at contacting biotech companies about careers in the best way I know how, by entering through the front door, stating my purpose, and speaking with someone representing the company who may be able to assist me. As I fully expected, they intended only to direct me to their careers website and not give me any further assistance. Life Technologies was definitely the most helpful and the woman at the front desk gave me the name of someone in HR, though I don’t actually have any way of contacting them other than calling the main line. Well, at least it’s a start, and they did take my resume in person. Continue reading

Day 6: Relaxing

Got a great night’s sleep, despite one of the kittens insisting on staying in my room until 3am, got back to sleep well enough to get up and about just before 9am. Was able to have a lovely cup of tea for the first morning in almost a week and was able to stretch out on the yoga mat, which eased the pain in my right sciatic nerve which has been plaguing me increasingly for almost a week and a half. Continue reading