Arrow River Trail

Today I took the bus to Arrowtown, also included in the 7-day Connectabus pass. I hiked the Arrow River Trail, a short dirt trail with a small elevation gain, along the pipe line and above the creek. I finished my visit to the famous Arrowtown Bakery and enjoyed a venison pie with camomile and cinnamon tea.

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Kelvin Heights Track

In my five months living in Queenstown last year I didn’t make it to Kelvin Heights. Thanks to the 7-day Connectabus pass I bought this week the trip out and back was included. I took a walk around the peninsula and enjoyed an afternoon in the sun before heading off to the Aquatic Centre to swim.

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Spring Snow in Queenstown

This is nothing new, but I figured I would post anyway! I woke up at 5:30am to the sound of cool pelting rain outside my window and a light mist hanging over snow-covered trees on Queenstown Hill. When I came back from breakfast I had snow flakes on my sweater, and when I walked into town around 1pm I was still getting snowed on! I managed to get to the aquatic centre to swim, but used the bus to get out to Frankton ($5 on Connectabus) and hitch hiked back to town. I took my time swimming laps and relaxed in the hot pool while watching the fierce snow and winds outside. I left just before 5pm, when the weather let up.

When I returned to town I had the $10 pad thai dinner at Tham Nak Thai. They have a selection of $10 meals, and $13 for a combo with veggie spring rolls and a beverage. I decided on the jasmine green tea. The quality of the meal was good, the tofu and veggies cooked nice and tenderly without any superfluous use of oils, sauces, or salt in the dish. The dinner was definitely a good value, but as someone who isn’t a huge lover of noodle dishes it wasn’t anything special enough to bring me back again and again. Tham Nak Thai has several other light dishes on their $10 menu from 5-7pm nightly.