Look Great, Feel Great, Race Great

Some experienced coaches and athletes may say that if you have a lot of energy left when you finish a race, you could have gone faster and gotten a better time. True perhaps, but my personal strategy is to finish strong and smile for the camera. Crazy, perhaps, but I’m a performer; I feed off of the energy of those around me and deliver it right back to them. Amidst the confusion of trying to keep on course I went pretty hard during the swim, and the thrill of passing and being passed on the ride kept me smiling, but in general I have very little motivation to run fast, other than to get it over with sooner. I pretty much all-out sprinted on the last stretch as soon as I saw the finish line. I still need to find out my time – and can’t wait to see the photos – my hair was perfect.

6:40am Sunday August 26th, Preparing for the race!

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I Like Real Food: Tri Training Part III

I finished the bike route today in one hour and nine minutes. My only major slip up was changing gears too quickly on the super steep section after the lake; my chain slipped off and I started to walk my bike up the hill. I rolled the pedals forward to get the chain back into position and hopped back on in the middle of the hill and fortunately was able to regain some momentum. Technically, it was a good practice run. I decided where I should lay forward and coast, and where to stand up to pedal through shorter uphill spots.
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Entering a New Decade Tri-sport Style

Not long after I put “complete triathlon” on my bucket list did I have the bright idea to search for upcoming races. My new King County library card and borrowed copy of Triathlete added a bit of fuel to the fire. I quickly discovered the Washington Triathlon Event Calendar and scrolled down the list. Lo and behold, the Lake Meridian Triathlon, taking place on Sunday August 26th, is almost literally outside my front door. It also happens to be the day after my 30th birthday. I couldn’t resist.
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Biking the Strip


Emily and I successfully biked along the Las Vegas Strip tonight! The place to be was definitely the Venetian. Their outdoor Winter in Venice decorations include an outdoor ice skating rink with disco balls and music, a huge color-changing christmas tree and blue lights along the gondolas in the water. I thought I also saw an ice fairy when we cycled through the first time but she wasn’t there when we got back!

Winter in Vegas is cold! Tomorrow we return to Park City!

Saturday News

Waking up to another snowy morning

Aren’t we three weeks away from the first day of summer? Ok, maybe four. Winter always tries to make a comeback in the South in late Spring. Several centimeters of snow fell overnight, especially on mountain peaks and passes. I just hope it doesn’t affect the poor little lambs as it did last year during the cold snap.

Cycling near Sunshine Bay

I went cycling this afternoon towards Glenorchy but didn’t get far up the road since there is no path, the shoulder is narrow, and the motorists are not particularly tolerant of cyclists. There is a nice single track mountain bike park farther along the roadway but I suppose the irony is that you have to drive to it!

These hand crafted soap cupcakes look delicate and tasty!

After my short ride I enjoyed fleeting patches of sun while listening to live music at the Saturday Craft Market by the Wharf, but spent most of the day reading, writing, and watching TV. I rarely keep up with the national or world news back home but in New Zealand I pay attention to it on a fairly regular basis. It’s one of the ways I explore the culture and history of New Zealand and the nature of the news stories are different from those in the US.

For those who are curious or interested in how the Christchurch CBD is doing, the status is not so great. Many buildings have been demolished and many are awaiting a similar fate. The iconic central Cathedral still stands, but has taken serious structural damage inside and out. The next step is to secure the building to recover historical artifacts inside.

Christchurch is the second largest city in New Zealand, and the largest on the South Island. Home owners are having a tough time with their insurance claims and people are awaiting the go ahead to rebuild. This weekend a new tour is being conducted by CERA, the organization in charge of earthquake recovery management, within the CBD. They aim to display the current state of the CBD and inform people about the recovery efforts.

I’m told by recent visitors to Christchurch that it is an eerie scene. I’ve posted the video in the full entry. While the video merely shows the current infrastructure and explains the recovery scheme, it may still be upsetting to people who have lived or been in Christchurch.

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Day 21: Return to San Diego

This morning I spoke with Tom Tomp of the graduate department of Biological Sciences at UCSD. I explained my situation and discussed my proposal with him. I actually surprised myself even, as I spoke animatedly about the field of Tissue Engineering. I proposed that I could build from the research I conducted at RPI and write up a review of current work in the field and liaise these studies with work being done at UCSD. Continue reading