Day 19: Orange County Coast

This morning we drove down to the Corona Del Mar State Beach to see the tide pools. Waves crashed over the shallow rocks, home to hermit crabs, snails, urchins, and the carcasses of rock lobsters washed up with the seaweed! Crazy swirls in the sandstone and hanging flowered plants rested above the caves. Shells and rocks with interesting patterns of holes were evidence of a lively marine ecosystem. Pelicans perched on the rock arch in the ocean looked out over their territory regally.

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Day 17: Huntington Beach

Today I went for a bike ride from Newport Beach up the Pacific Coast Highway through Huntington Beach all the way to Sunset Beach, about 12 miles up the coast.

Ride from Newport Beach to Sunset Beach Along Highway 1, Map charted on

About a half an hour into the ride I reached the Main Street Pier in Huntington Beach. There was a small Farmers’ and Crafts Market on the beach side, and two large surf wear shops were having sidewalk sales on the town side of the highway. I passed by the markets for the moment and continued up the coast another half an hour to Sunset Beach. I left the highway and rode along the back road behind the beach houses and stopped a few times to look at the ocean and watch the kite boarders. Continue reading