Damned, Hell Pizza is Still Favorite Pizza

I’m from New York. I should know a thing or two about pizza. Then again, in NY pizza is a thin white crust, doughy around the outside, a bit of tomato sauce, and as much cheese as you can physically fit on top of it, so much that if you’re not careful the hot cheese will dribble down to your shoes. That’s why we fold it in half to eat it, not to mention the fact that the slice is huge, and sometimes covered in pepperoni.

Carefully crafted Chicago style pizza is a delicacy for me. Gino’s East in downtown Chicago makes a fantastic pizza. It takes an hour to prepare, and the crust is crisp and flakey around the edges, and has a full flavor, a bit like a pastry. The dough is thick, which is why the long baking time, and the cheese and toppings are melted together throughout the top of the pie, almost like a bread-based quiche.

California style pizza makes use of the state’s abundance of fruits and vegetables. The pizza has a very thin crust, and the focus is on the toppings. Tomato sauce isn’t necessarily the base. It could be BBQ sauce, a white alfredo sauce, or any kind of creamy sauce that will hold the toppings together. Like Westernized sushi rolls, the creativity is in mixing different ingredients to create a unique taste. Of course there are the classics; the margarita, the hawaiian, meat- and veggie-lovers, but there are also tasty combinations involving seaweed, Thai chicken, or anything else you can throw on there!

Hell’s Pizza in New Zealand is similar to the California style, mixing up combinations of at least 5-6 ingredients per pizza. The Damned is my favorite selection, with fresh avocado, pineapple, mushrooms, big chunks of cashews, toasty camembert cheese, and I generally substitute the onions for crushed garlic. The seafood pizza, The Underworld, with mussels, calamari and prawns is another favorite of mine. I haven’t been disappointed with any of the pizzas I’ve gotten at the Queenstown location. They use a wholemeal crust, baked to a crispy perfection and the ingredients are fresh and tasty.

Unfortunately I didn’t have as good of an experience at the Auckland Quay St location. The pizza itself was barely edible, highly greasy and the ingredients had no flavor whatsoever. Apparently the quality of the pizza varies widely amongst Hell’s locations all over New Zealand. If you’re in Queenstown, I highly recommend trying a snack sized pizza; $10 for 6 small slices is the perfect size for lunch, a late night snack, or a light eater. They also have a tasty selection of sides, like kumara chips – yum!

Hell PIzza in Queenstown is located next to Joe’s Garage, in the same laneway as Cowboy Bar and Barmuda, and just around the corner from Night ‘N Day.

Amendment: Travel must be part of the picture

As I was deeply contemplating my career opportunities during my time in San Diego I reached the conclusion that I wanted to enter the field of science communications. My life, as I know it, does not have set chapters, a beginning or end to any phase. It is not a story book, but merely continues and my adventures, education, and employment bend and weave through time and space. I am not the typical cookie-cutter young adult American, graduated from University and thrust out into the adult working world. That’s just the way it is, and that’s the way it is becoming for more of our generation. The necessity of marriage, property ownership and financial security are concepts fed by industries and long-established cultural practice. They are not requirements for my nomadic and adventurous lifestyle. I am proud of what I am, what I have achieved and what I have become as a person. Even my alma mater, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute promotes the concepts of diversity and entrepreneurial spirit. Yes I’m going to change the world, but I’m not going to do it your way. I’m going to do it my way.

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Tissu? I Hardly Know You

Tonight I went to my first Tissu class at the Pole Revolutionz studio in the Pakuranga suburb of Auckland. For those of you who are unfamiliar with tissu – think Cirque du Soleil moves on long colored silks hanging from the ceiling! It’s an intense arm workout, even more so than pole dancing! I’m definitely hooked (no pun intended) and want to keep learning more! Today I learned how to climb the tissu, use two methods to wrap my feet to hang on it, and a few simple hangs and inversions – super fun! The studio is lit in red lights and has a lounge area with comfy sofas to create a relaxing yet mysterious ambiance. The high ceiling allows for long tissu and tall poles, which switch between static and spinning. Tonight I mastered my butterfly-jasmine transition and can finally do an inside leg hang (they call that a gemini here) without assistance. I also worked on an inverted elbow hold for the first time – new bruises!!!

Cycling in New Zealand (Part 1)

As our couch surfing host, Chris, was driving us home to Manurewa last night through the city and on the M1, I looked at the rolling and undulating landscape and commented that it would be a great place for cycling. The hills would provide a good workout and a view of the surrounding green landscape. Chris told me that cycling in Auckland is not a great idea, and that motorists sometimes go out of their way to scare cyclists. In other words, not a very bike-friendly city.

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I have arrived in Auckland! I need to work on updates/photos for the last few days! From this point on I won’t be making daily updates, but will be doing sporadic write-ups of what’s going on. Today’s theme is ‘getting lost and then found by friendly people’ as I re-situate myself in New Zealand.

New Zealand, My Paradise

New Zealand is a land where the beauty of the people rival the beauty of the landscape.

Back to the Dramatic New Zealand Landscape

When I arrived in Auckland and exited the plane around 6:30am this morning I couldn’t keep a smile off my face; it was the smile of a child with a secret they are bursting to share. I felt the chill, damp air from outside and as I made my way through the airport the light in the sky became brighter. My next international adventure was beginning!
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