Tissu? I Hardly Know You

Tonight I went to my first Tissu class at the Pole Revolutionz studio in the Pakuranga suburb of Auckland. For those of you who are unfamiliar with tissu – think Cirque du Soleil moves on long colored silks hanging from the ceiling! It’s an intense arm workout, even more so than pole dancing! I’m definitely hooked (no pun intended) and want to keep learning more! Today I learned how to climb the tissu, use two methods to wrap my feet to hang on it, and a few simple hangs and inversions – super fun! The studio is lit in red lights and has a lounge area with comfy sofas to create a relaxing yet mysterious ambiance. The high ceiling allows for long tissu and tall poles, which switch between static and spinning. Tonight I mastered my butterfly-jasmine transition and can finally do an inside leg hang (they call that a gemini here) without assistance. I also worked on an inverted elbow hold for the first time – new bruises!!!