Cycling in New Zealand (Part 1)

As our couch surfing host, Chris, was driving us home to Manurewa last night through the city and on the M1, I looked at the rolling and undulating landscape and commented that it would be a great place for cycling. The hills would provide a good workout and a view of the surrounding green landscape. Chris told me that cycling in Auckland is not a great idea, and that motorists sometimes go out of their way to scare cyclists. In other words, not a very bike-friendly city.

I decided to look into this issue more, and Continue reading

Day 17: Huntington Beach

Today I went for a bike ride from Newport Beach up the Pacific Coast Highway through Huntington Beach all the way to Sunset Beach, about 12 miles up the coast.

Ride from Newport Beach to Sunset Beach Along Highway 1, Map charted on

About a half an hour into the ride I reached the Main Street Pier in Huntington Beach. There was a small Farmers’ and Crafts Market on the beach side, and two large surf wear shops were having sidewalk sales on the town side of the highway. I passed by the markets for the moment and continued up the coast another half an hour to Sunset Beach. I left the highway and rode along the back road behind the beach houses and stopped a few times to look at the ocean and watch the kite boarders. Continue reading

Day 12: Coastal Ride

A beautiful coastal ride

This morning I began my ride just off of Vista Way, the end of highway 78, in Oceanside. I followed highway 101 down the coast in the company of many other road cyclists, and a fair number of joggers and pedestrians along the beach areas. Continue reading