Day 21: Return to San Diego

This morning I spoke with Tom Tomp of the graduate department of Biological Sciences at UCSD. I explained my situation and discussed my proposal with him. I actually surprised myself even, as I spoke animatedly about the field of Tissue Engineering. I proposed that I could build from the research I conducted at RPI and write up a review of current work in the field and liaise these studies with work being done at UCSD. Continue reading

Day 15: More of… the same?

Today I rode my bike down to the Buena Creek station and took the Sprinter, the train that runs between Escondido and Oceanside. It took just over 10 minutes to bike down from the house, and just over 30 minutes to reach the coast. A one way trip on the Sprinter is $2, and is included in the $5 all-day pass. The Sprinter is much smaller than the Coaster, with only a single level and fewer cars, but also has places to put bikes. Continue reading

Day 11: Group Ride

The air was already hot and heavy as I arrived at the UC Cyclery this morning to meet up with the San Diego Bicycle Club for their weekly Saturday ride. I joined Charlie and Mike, who guided the D4 group around a 25 mile loop, along with 16 other riders. The A and B groups were fairly nice sized advanced groups, and headed out right at 8:30am. The D1-5 groups are for riders to improve their skills and group riding ability. Due to the constraints of my equipment I decided to play it safe and join the D4 group, lest I maintain a huge gap towards the back of the D3. Continue reading

Day 10: Biking

As you know, my entire motivation for this journey to San Diego was to get a free tune up for my bike. Everything else was just an aside.

When I purchased my Giant Sedona at the UC Cyclery just off the UCSD campus I intended to ride it around the San Diego area to get from place to place. As a hybrid cruiser model, it did quite well roaming Rose Canyon and Mission Bay. After hauling it across the country to NY, reassembling it when mom flew out to Park City a few years ago, and riding it around some muddy mountain bike trails it has desperately been overdue for a proper tune-up! One of the perks of purchasing my bike through UC Cyclery is lifetime tunes, so why pay $75 in Park City when I could just come down to La Jolla and get it tuned for free? Continue reading

Day 7: Purpose

Slept quite well and enjoyed a cup of tea and yoga – pure luxury. Headed to UCSD, parked on La Jolla Shores Dr and headed towards Pacific Hall under the cool overcast skies. Spoke with Cathy Pugh, administrator of the graduate program, about the possibilities of obtaining a Masters Degree in Biological Sciences from the program, and started the ball rolling on that front. Went to career services center and began my research into the San Diego Biotech industry. Read through lists of top 10 biotech companies and companies to work for in the San Diego, Orange County and Bay areas and took notes. Continue reading