The Route (2012)

This year’s summer travels begin just like last year’s, with a trip to Southern California. This year I work my way up the coast, camping and staying with friends and at hotels along the way! The major kick off to the trip is the Pole Convention near LAX at the end of June.

After the convention I make my way to Orange County for a long bike ride inland, San Diego for some bike repairs and a show, Santa Barbara for some beach time, Oceano and Big Sur for camping and hiking, Santa Cruz to explore a Masters Degree program, and up to Santa Rosa for the 4th of July!



After the holiday I continue through the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and trek into the wilderness of Yosemite National Park. Two nights camping on my own give me time to reflect, and I continue to South Lake Tahoe to visit friends and capture more fantastic mountain views. After weeks of being in California I return to Nevada and explore Reno before my drive east to Salt Lake City. After a trip up to Washington I make a very important decision in my life. One crazy adventure ends, and another begins. My new boyfriend and I make a crazy three day jaunt from Las Vegas, through Lake Tahoe, up northern California and back to Washington. My journey continues as I explore my new home.



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