Personal Journal: Pre-Season Reflection & Anticipation

As I return to my home area in Utah my blog updates are progressively more personal and less travel-related. It’s been almost ten days since returning to Park City and I have been extremely busy getting re-oriented. A few things have changed since I left, but for the most part I am falling back into the groove of being ‘home.’ This season is going to be a fair bit different from past seasons, however, because I will not be committed to a full time instructor schedule for the entire season, and my aim is to balance my life with skiing, dancing, traveling, and learning some new skills and languages.

I’ve been able to resume my dance training and am signed up to learn Aerial Silks and Belly Dancing at Pearl. I feel even stronger than when I was in San Diego in August and New Zealand in September, before my injury. Something about being at sea level just doesn’t do it for me! Over the course of the past two weeks my back pain has nearly vanished, and I feel greater personal strength and motivation.

As I stated in Sunday morning’s update I was able to go for a jog both Saturday and Sunday mornings, followed by sunbathing sessions on the porch! After breakfast I forced myself to stay put by playing Final Fantasy XII for a while. The sun and calm air persisted through the afternoon and I rode my bike through town to swim laps at the middle school. Just as I was putting my clothes into the locker I received three phone calls, ultimately resulting in being booked to babysit on New Years Eve for a wonderful family I met this summer, and even more importantly, finding a place to live.

After a tasty lunch (at 4:30pm) at Whole Foods I rode my bike through the new underpass and along the west side of Route 224. I was able to weave my way around and through the small patches of snow on the trail and made my way up to see my new home in Park City. It was dark by the time I left the house and I hopped on the express bus into town and back to Prospector.

Within minutes of hopping on the bus I was back at the house ready to watch the Giants vs Cowboys on the big screen TV with good company, in the living room, across town, and across the ocean. For once I was actually tired, actually so tired I had to ask Emily to heat up my tea in the microwave after it got cold because I didn’t have enough energy to pop up and down constantly like I normally do. I must say though, that even though I am a Giants fan, I thought that the end of the game was rather unsportsman-like in my opinion, and I can’t really be happy with that win.

In a few days I will be settled in my new home, working at PCMR again, and meeting new people in town. My epic world travel for 2011 has come to an end, and I am not sure whether I will re-name and continue my international adventures in this blog, or start a new one for my next trip. I plan on continuing to relate my ski adventures via my other less-publicized blog, Skiing In A New York Minute.

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