The beaches in Oceanside are just as wonderful as I remember them. Today was pleasantly warm and this afternoon I did yoga on the beach. I was also able to go for a short jog near the water since the sand was soft enough to not strain my legs and back. The water was cold, but not any colder than Lake Wakatipu, and I went for a swim after getting warm from my exercises. The sun began to lower in the sky and lingered in various colors on the clouds to the west. It was mildly overcast with a thin layer of cloud most of the afternoon, creating a warm cozy atmosphere free of winds and great for enjoying the day before having to head up to the snow!

The Loft – Yoga Studio and Soul Food


If you have a free evening, and love yoga and good healthy food, I recommend heading to The Loft at 103 Beach St in Auckland’s CBD. At 6pm Monday through Thursday they have a 75 minute yoga session, and the most wholesome, tasty vegetarian food all heaped together on one plate, that I’ve ever eaten. Both yoga and dinner for only $17. Tonight they served a veggie curry, cubed sweet potatoes, salad with olives and walnuts, cauliflower pakora, and cooked buckwheat with beetroot and pumpkin seeds. They also served a whey drink with lemon and ginger, and an apple crumble-type dessert afterwards. Oh, and the yoga was good too.

Great Expectations

Today I felt refreshed.

I began my day with a drive up Torrey Pines Rd to the coast along Highway 1 and stopped at a Starbucks/Brueggers Bagels hybrid on the corner of a quaint little street in Del Mar. I built up a little karma by tipping a dollar to the young man at the register who gave me a large to go cup filled with hot water at no charge. I decided to attend the yoga class at 24 Hour Fitness in Solana Beach and planned my morning around it. Continue reading