Lake Meridian Triathlon 2013

I thought it was quite nice of them to organize a triathlon down the street from me right on the morning of my 31st birthday. I knew from the beginning of the summer that I would participate again this year, and trained for the sprint length triathlon, an extra quarter mile swim on top of the super sprint distances I did last year.
I am proud to say I participated in each of the Wednesday night training sessions with Raise the Bar, for which I needed to purchase a tri wetsuit. Every other week we would do mock races. We had the option to swim up to a mile, in quarter mile increments, followed by a 2k or 3k run. During the swim-only sessions we could choose between a coached workout, or technique training. I opted for the technique training each time, and not only did I improve my stroke quite a bit, but also learned how to sight and swim straight, and worked on establishing a rhythm as I swim to improve efficiency.
Going into the race, I felt that the cycling portion, which was my strongest leg last year, was my weakest this year, due to a lack of training, and more of a focus on swim technique and running. My “commuter” bike that I used this year is far lighter than my hybrid bike, and the tires are much thinner. Still, I only managed to shave off about 3 minutes from my cycling time. Thanks to the mock race sessions, my body was far more adapted to multi-sport sessions, and I spent far less time in transition huffing and puffing!

My overall times:

Anna Batorsky

Swim: 17:03.3

T1: 3:45.3

Bike: 56:59.7

T2: 1:21.6

Run: 29:33.9

Total: 1:48:43.8

Oh, and I still like real food before, during and after my race!

On that note, of course my claim to fame on the video is a camera pan of me munching on a pancake… which I waited about an hour and a half after I finished the race to eat because the line was so long!

2012 Lake Meridian Triathlon Results!

My overall time is 1:48:01.2 broken down into:

Swim: 9:51.9

T1: 3:59.8

Bike: 1:00:36

T2: 2:32.1

Run: 31:01.4

Results for the entire race can be viewed here, and some (but not all) photos here! Once all the photographers send links to the photos I will find a nice one and buy it!

39 Anna Batorsky 434 30 F 30-34 9:51.9 3:59.8 1:00:36.0 2:32.1 31:01.4

Look Great, Feel Great, Race Great

Some experienced coaches and athletes may say that if you have a lot of energy left when you finish a race, you could have gone faster and gotten a better time. True perhaps, but my personal strategy is to finish strong and smile for the camera. Crazy, perhaps, but I’m a performer; I feed off of the energy of those around me and deliver it right back to them. Amidst the confusion of trying to keep on course I went pretty hard during the swim, and the thrill of passing and being passed on the ride kept me smiling, but in general I have very little motivation to run fast, other than to get it over with sooner. I pretty much all-out sprinted on the last stretch as soon as I saw the finish line. I still need to find out my time – and can’t wait to see the photos – my hair was perfect.

6:40am Sunday August 26th, Preparing for the race!

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I Like Real Food: Tri Training Part III

I finished the bike route today in one hour and nine minutes. My only major slip up was changing gears too quickly on the super steep section after the lake; my chain slipped off and I started to walk my bike up the hill. I rolled the pedals forward to get the chain back into position and hopped back on in the middle of the hill and fortunately was able to regain some momentum. Technically, it was a good practice run. I decided where I should lay forward and coast, and where to stand up to pedal through shorter uphill spots.
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Tri Training Part II

Today I discovered a few things as I continued my triathlon and began my ski training. This morning’s workout consisted of my usual stretching and exercise routine, with a few extras added in, and concluded with some one-legged squats to improve my balance and strength for ski season. Towards the middle of my workout I began taking small tastes of the tangerine flavored PowerBar energy gel I bought yesterday at the shop. How to describe the sensation… Continue reading

Entering a New Decade Tri-sport Style

Not long after I put “complete triathlon” on my bucket list did I have the bright idea to search for upcoming races. My new King County library card and borrowed copy of Triathlete added a bit of fuel to the fire. I quickly discovered the Washington Triathlon Event Calendar and scrolled down the list. Lo and behold, the Lake Meridian Triathlon, taking place on Sunday August 26th, is almost literally outside my front door. It also happens to be the day after my 30th birthday. I couldn’t resist.
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