Day 4: Hollywood… da da da da da da da Hollywood!

Woke at 11am, left Vegas around noon and drove to LA. Stopped briefly at Baker, then hungrily at Barstow to get some fruit at the supermarket. Quite the boring, hot and torturous drive during the noon-3pm timeslot. Arrived in West Hollywood just after 5pm, only minimal traffic getting onto 101 downtown, realized it wasn’t 90F anymore so opened my car windows. Met Mike from couchsurfing at his home just off Santa Monica Blvd and got my things together to head to a Saturday night movie screening in a nearby graveyard. Continue reading

Day 2: Vegas, Baby

Explored the shopping area, workout area and pool this morning, was not impressed with any of the above, especially after so many people talking up the pools at these Vegas hotels. The Hammock Beach Resort in Florida has these guys beat hands down with their lazy river and various pools and spas. Maybe one of the more expensive resorts has something that can compete with photos I have seen of resorts in Mexico and other tropical touristy places.

View of the Nevada Desert by the Stratosphere pool

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Day 1: Leaving Park City

Woke at 6:30am to a golden Park City sunrise. Air is chilly and crisp like autumn – closed all the windows in the bathroom, kitchen and living room, frying up the last of the 8-ball zucchini from the farmers market to take on the road. Quite satisfied with the way everything is fitting into the trunk without being cluttered.

Left home at 10am, left SLC at 10:30am, made it to Cedar City around 2:30pm, went to the Shakespeare Festival gift shop!

Utah Shakespeare Festival

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