Day 11: Group Ride

The air was already hot and heavy as I arrived at the UC Cyclery this morning to meet up with the San Diego Bicycle Club for their weekly Saturday ride. I joined Charlie and Mike, who guided the D4 group around a 25 mile loop, along with 16 other riders. The A and B groups were fairly nice sized advanced groups, and headed out right at 8:30am. The D1-5 groups are for riders to improve their skills and group riding ability. Due to the constraints of my equipment I decided to play it safe and join the D4 group, lest I maintain a huge gap towards the back of the D3. Continue reading

Day 10: Biking

As you know, my entire motivation for this journey to San Diego was to get a free tune up for my bike. Everything else was just an aside.

When I purchased my Giant Sedona at the UC Cyclery just off the UCSD campus I intended to ride it around the San Diego area to get from place to place. As a hybrid cruiser model, it did quite well roaming Rose Canyon and Mission Bay. After hauling it across the country to NY, reassembling it when mom flew out to Park City a few years ago, and riding it around some muddy mountain bike trails it has desperately been overdue for a proper tune-up! One of the perks of purchasing my bike through UC Cyclery is lifetime tunes, so why pay $75 in Park City when I could just come down to La Jolla and get it tuned for free? Continue reading